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The Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum

Singularity and Commitment to Jewish Values: In Greater Atlanta, The William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum is unique in the Jewish community in that we collect and preserve material that tells the story of our community’s Jewish experience together with the Jewish experience in both Georgia and Alabama. For our own people and for the general community, we interpret that experience and its relevancy to today’s society.

  • The Breman celebrates and commemorates the Jewish experience and universal themes of diversity and human dignity.
  • This is accomplished by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and teaching Jewish values, culture, and history.
  • All of this is inspired by the dedication and courage of the Jewish people.
  • As such, the Museum desires to impact behavior and promote mutual respect and understanding.

Since its inception in 1996, The Breman Museum has served hundreds of thousands of people, with the majority of museum visitors being students and life-long learners from diverse backgrounds who visit the museum to learn about Jewish culture and history, especially the Holocaust. It is the largest museum of its type in the Southeast as well as a preeminent cultural institution and center for learning, serving all of Georgia.

Recognizing the importance of Holocaust education for life-long learners of all backgrounds and the imperative to capture the stories of aging Holocaust survivors for future generations, the museum pursues every avenue: technological, pedagogical, and otherwise — to make Holocaust education relevant and appropriate for adults and for each grade level of young people.

The Breman Museum trains and maintains a large Volunteer Museum Educator Corps, a Holocaust Survivor Speakers’ Bureau, and has developed and continues to carry out a number of innovative programs that can be accessed and implemented directly in the classroom and in family education settings. Much of The Breman Museum’s original programming related to Holocaust education is unsurpassed in the country. The Breman hosts more than 300 museum tours each year, and Holocaust survivors or adult children of Holocaust survivors share their stories and meet with every school group that schedules a Holocaust program at the museum.

The Breman Museum maintains an extensive and rich archival collection of Georgia’s Jewish history housed within its walls which is available to scholars and responsible visitors.

The Breman Museum partners and affiliates with many local, statewide, and national institutions that embrace similar education-focused missions. The Breman Museum has developed into a museum that functions as a bridge across history and across cultures linking communities.

The Desire and Need for Increased Endowment: Although The Breman Museum has benefitted from generous founders and donors enabling its creation and continuity, more can and should be done relative to operational and capital development. With increased endowment, The Breman Museum desires to do more in terms of advancing the values outlined above, implementing its mission, and enhancing education about Jewish culture and the nature and experience of the Holocaust. In due course, The Breman Museum seeks to operate from its own self-supporting facility worthy of its goals and objectives.

In these latter respects, The Breman Museum seeks more commitments and participation in furtherance of its strategic plan.

Contact Information:

Phone: 404-870-1861

Email: createlegacy@breman.org