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Donor Spotlight: Betty Sunshine
Donor Spotlight

Meet a donor like you: Betty Sunshine

“I wanted my gift to continue to help others long into the future.”
Read more.

Donor Spotlight: Stanley Slutzky
Donor Spotlight

Meet a donor like you: Stanley Slutzky

His parents were not wealthy people, but they always believed in tzedakah. Read more.

Donor Spotlight: Philip Siegel
Donor Spotlight

Meet a donor like you: Philip Siegel

“When the community comes together in this sort of effort it benefits us all.” Read more.

Which Jewish experience do you most cherish?

The taste of apples and honey at Rosh Hashana? Your first trip to Israel? Cousins crowded around a Seder Table?

In one way or another, you've no doubt enjoyed the warmth, closeness, tradition, and support of a vibrant Jewish community throughout your life. Once you are gone, who will keep these traditions thriving for future generations? Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key responsibilities is to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.